Modern Hindu Baby Boys Names Starting with B

Modern Hindu Boys Name

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Contemporary Hindu baby boy names beginning with the letter “B” showcase a blend of tradition and modernity. Websites like provide a valuable resource for parents seeking meaningful names like Bhavya, Bhuvan, Biren, or Bodhi. These names encapsulate cultural significance and carry a sense of uniqueness, allowing families to honor their heritage while embracing the present.

List of Modern Hindu Baby Boys Names Starting with B

BabaFather, Respectful Term for an Elderly Man5
BabbluA Cute and Playful Name5
BabuA Term of Endearment for a Young Boy or Man3
BakulA Type of Flowering Tree9
BalarajYoung King3
BalgopalYoung Lord Krishna7
BaliBrave, Powerful2
BangaramPrecious, Dear8
BasilFragrant Herb5
BetooA Friendly Nickname2
BhaaravA Form of Lord Shiva1
BhabeshLord of Existence4
BhabitIntelligent, Wise6
BhadrakAuspicious, Fortunate9
BhairavA Form of Lord Shiva9
BhanuSun, Radiant5
BharatIndia, Name of a King in Hindu Mythology2
BhargavLord Shiva, Archer6
BhaskarSun, Radiant5
BhaumikEarthly, Grounded8
BhavatuLet It Be, May It Happen3
BhaveshLord of the Universe4
BhavinExisting, Being5
BhavitImagined, Conceived6
BhavyaGrand, Magnificent7
BhavyanshPart of the Grand, Magnificent8
BhavyeshLord of the Grand, Magnificent6
BheemaMighty, Powerful4
BhimFearless, Strong9
BholaSimple, Innocent5
BholeInnocent, Lord Shiva5
BhoumikEarthly, Grounded8
BhuveshLord of the Earth7
BhuvinEarthly, Grounded1
BibhuFearless, Brave6
BinaayakLord Ganesha6
BinnyA Friendly Nickname9
BinySon of God, Blessing6
BismayWonder, Amazement7
BittuA Friendly Nickname4
BubbaA Friendly Nickname3
BujjiA Cute and Playful Name4
BunnyA Friendly Nickname4
BuntyA Friendly Nickname3

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