Indian Baby Girl Names Starting with J

If you’re in search of Indian Baby Girl Names Starting with J along with their meanings, you’ve arrived at the ideal destination. Hindu female names starting with ‘J’ carry a rich cultural legacy and express profound meanings. Ranging from classical to modern, these names encompass diverse virtues, attributes, and symbols that reflect the core of Indian culture and spirituality.

List of Indian Baby Girl Names Starting with J

JaagritiExistence; Awakening3
JaahanviMoon light; Ganga river3
JaanaviGanga – the river; As precious as your life22
JaanviGanga – the river; As precious as your life3
JaanyaLife; Born; Lovable; Father; Friend7
JaashwiProud of self8
JabalaPowerful lady9
JabeenAffection; Preeti; Motherly love, Maternal love; Deep; Attachment1
JabinForehead; Intelligence9
JabiraAgree; Comforter; Consoler5
JadaGift; Present7
JadidaNew; Fresh2
JadwaGift; Present3
JagatiThe Earth; Of the universe; People; Both heaven and hell3
JagaviBorn of the world; Worldly5
JagritiVigilance; Awareness11
JagrutiVigilance; Awareness5
JagviBorn of the world; Worldly22
JahanaviRiver Ganga, The great river3
JahanviMoon light; Ganga river11
JahidaAbstinent; Helps the vulnerable6
JahinSagacious; Intelligent; Ingenious; Good pedigree6
JahnaviRiver Ganga11
JahnviRiver Ganga1
Jai PriyaBeloved of victory8
JaihasiniVictory of Happiness8
JailekhaA record of victory3
JaimathiVictorious mind8
JaimiPet form of James used as a woman’s name6
JainaVictory; Good character8
JainelVictorious God Swami Narayan; Victory of blue; Victory over gems6
JainiGift from God; Victorious7
JainishaGod of Jains; Find8
JaishanaRhythmic flow9
JaishriVictorious; Goddess of victory11
JaisnaviGoddess Of Victory4
JaisriHonor of victory3
JaitashriName of a music Raaga5
JaitiWelcome; Winning22
JaiwantiVictory; Goddess Parvati6
JajwalyaGoddess Andal2
JakshaniOne of the Hindu’s God1
JalaClarity; Elucidation6
JaladhiTreasure of water9
JaladhijaGoddess Lakshmi; Water11
JalahasiniSmile of water3
JalajaLotus; Originating in the water; Another name for Lakshmi8
JalanhiliAs blue as water4
JalodariAbode of the ethereal universe7
JalpoornaFull of water3
JalsaCompanion; Celebration7
JalviName of River May9
JalwaSight; Show11
JamalaBeautiful; Pretty; Moon-faced11
JambaliniA river8
JamilaBeautiful; Lovely1
JaminiNight; Flower11
JamunaHoly river6
JanaBorn bravery8
JanaanHeart or soul; Paradise; Heaven5
JananiMother; Tenderness22
JanaviGanga – the river; As precious as your life3
JanavikaDispeller of ignorance; One who gathers knowledge6

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