Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with U

If you’re in search of Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with U along with their meanings, you’ve arrived at the ideal destination. Hindu male names starting with ‘U’ carry a rich cultural legacy and express profound meanings. Ranging from classical to modern, these names encompass diverse virtues, attributes, and symbols that reflect the core of Indian culture and spirituality.

List of Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with U

UbaadahOld Arabic name; Worship2
UbadahOld Arabic name; Worship1
UbaidWorshipper; Faithful1
UbaidahServant of God1
UbaidullahServant of Allah1
UbayOld Arabic name4
UbaydWorshipper; Faithful8
UbaydahServant of God9
UbaydullahServant of Allah8
UbayyOne with high self-esteem2
UchadevLord Vishnu; Superior God; An epithet of Vishnu or Krishna1
UchitbirBrave and right9
UchitdeepThe lamp of the right1
UchitjeetVictorious of the right11
UchitjotLight of the right7
UchitkaramRight deeds6
UchitlokRight world9
UchitnaamRight naam9
UchitpalProtector of right9
UchitpreetLove for the right8
UchitpremLove for the right5
UchitroopRight and beauteous8
UchitwantFully right11
UchmeetFriend of elevation3
UchnaamElevated name7
UchpalProtector of elevation7
UchpreetLove for elevation6
UchpremLove for elevation3
UdaiTo rise; Blue Lotus8
UdaibhagatRising devotee11
UdaibirRising brave1
UdaijeetRising victory3
UdailOld Arabic name11
UdaipalFostered by the rising Sun1
UdaiprakashRising light1
UdaipreetRising Love9
UdandaNemesis of evils and vices9
UdantCorrect message6
UdanthCorrect message5
UdarathiLord Vishnu; Rising; An epithet of Vishnu1
UdarchisLord Shiva; Shining or blazing upwards; Luminous; A name of Shiva; A name of Kandarp; A name of fire11
UdayTo rise; Blue Lotus6
Uday TejRising Sun5
Udaya KumarDawn8
UdayachalEastern horizon4
UdayanRising; Name of a king of Avanti3
UdayasooriyanRising Sun6
UdaybhanThe rising Sun4
UdayjotThe rising light5
UdayrajRising king; Lord of stars8
UddambirOne who strives and is brave9
UddamjitVictory of effort1
UddampalProtector of effort9
UddampreetLove for effort8
UddamsukhHappy effort3
UddamwantFull of effort11
UddandaNemesis of evils and vices22
UddhavA friend of Lord Krishna6
UddipGiving light; Flood9
UddiptaRays of rising sun3
UddiranLord Vishnu, The Lord who is higher than all beings8
UddishLord Shiva; Lord of flying ones; A work so called containing charms and incantations; Name of Shiva11
UddiyanFlying speed6
UddunathLord of stars3
UddyamStart; Effort; Exertion; Preparation; Diligence; Enterprise5
UdeepGiving light; Flood6
UdesangSon of Adam8
UdeyRising to fame and honor1
UdhavA sacrificial fire; Friend of Lord Krishna2
UdhayTo rise; Blue Lotus5
UdhayanRising, Name of king of Avanti11
UdheyRising to fame and honor9
UdhgitaA hymn; Lord Shiva7
UdhyamStart; Effort; Exertion; Preparation; Diligence; Enterprise9
UditGrown; Awakened; Shining9
UditbirShining brave11
UditdeepShinning lamp3
UdithOne who has Risen8
UditmeetRisen friend7
UditpalShining protector11
UditpreetShining Love1

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