Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with M

If you’re in search of Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with M along with their meanings, you’ve arrived at the ideal destination. Hindu male names starting with ‘M’ carry a rich cultural legacy and express profound meanings. Ranging from classical to modern, these names encompass diverse virtues, attributes, and symbols that reflect the core of Indian culture and spirituality.

List of Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with M

MaadAn old Arabian tribes name1
MaadeshLord Shiva6
MaadhavAnother name of Lord Krishna; Sweet like honey5
MaahirExpert; Brave5
MaaksharthPrecious part of a Mother’s heart1
MaalavA musical raag; Ansh of Goddess Lakshmi; Horse keeper5
MaalikMaster; Lord; Chief; Leader; Gardener; Owner; Husband2
MaalinOne who makes garlands; Crowned; Gardener5
MaalolanName of deity in ahobilam6
MaanLecturer; Respect; Supernatural power; Opinion; Devotion; Pride; Respect11
MaanasMind; Soul; Brilliant; Spiritual thought; Desire; Human being; Insight; Cheerfulness4
MaanavMan; Youth; Relating to Manu; Humankind; Pearl; Treasure human being7
MaandavAn able administrator; Fit; Competent2
MaandavikBelonging to people; Administrator4
MaandhanRich in honour; Honourable11
MaanikRuby; Valued; Honoured; Gem22
MaansarHoly words22
MaansikIntellectual; Fanciful; Psychic5
MaanvirBrave heart6
MaarginGuide; Pioneer9
MaargitPearl; Desired; Needed6
MaarishCalf star of the sea; Worthy; Respectable6
MaarmikIntelligent; Influential; Insightful; Perceptive3
MaarshakRespectable; Worthy9
MaarutAir; God of the wind; Another name for Lord Vishnu; Brilliant; Breeze; The storm God; Belonging to the wind2
MaatharTraveller; Voyager8
MaathurFrom or relating to Mathura1
MaayanWater source; Indifferent to wealth1
MaayinCreator of the universe; Creater of the Maya; Illusionary; Wily; Magician; Enchanting; Another name for Brahma; Shiva enchanting9
MaazA friend of prophet Muhammad5
MaazinProper name; Cloud that carries rain1
MabadA place of worship3
MabrukBlessed; Prosperous3
MadanCupid; God of Love; Man filled with beauty; Intoxicating; Pleasing; Spring; Passion6
Madan GopalLord Krishna, Gopal, The Lord of Love3
MadanapalLord of Love9
MadanbirBrave and lovable8
MadangopalLovely cowherd; Lord Krishna3
MadankirpalKing of Public1
MadanmohanAttractive and lovable3
MadhanCupid; God of Love; Man filled with beauty; Intoxicating; Pleasing; Spring; Passion5
MadhavAnother name of Lord Krishna; Sweet like honey22
MadhavaAnother name of Lord Krishna; Sweet like honey5
MadhavanLord Shiva1
MadhavdasServant of Lord Krishna1
MadheshLord Shiva; Lord of intoxication; Name of Shiva4
Madhu SmithaSweet face9
MadhubanLord Vishnu; Flower garden1
MadhudeepGod of Love5
MadhughneKiller of demon Madhu9
MadhughoshSweet sounding5
MadhujMade of honey; Sweet; Sugar3
MadhukA honeybee; Melodious; A bird; Honey coloured; Sweet22
MadhukantThe Moon3
MadhukantaThe Moon4
MadhukarHoneybee; Lover; The mango tree5
MadhukeshHair of Lord Vishnu9
MadhukiranSweet ray as from God1
MadhumayConsisting of Honey5
MadhupA honeybee9
MadhupalHoney keeper4
MadhupreetLove for Honey; Sweet3
MadhurbainSweet words1
MadhusoodanLord Krishna, One who killed demon Madhu7
MadhusudanLord Krishna, One who killed demon Madhu7
MadhusudhanLord Krishna, One who killed demon Madhu6
MadhuvemanLord Krishna, One of many names of Lord Krishna signifying his sweet and attractive nature3
MadhuwantSweet like Honey6
MadhyamChannel; Medium; Intermediary11
MadihPraised; Commendable8
MadirNectar; Wine; Intoxicating9
MadiyanName of a place in Saudi Arabia4
MadurSweet; Melodious; Amiable3
MadursanPease maker1
MadvanIntoxicating; Delightful; Drunk with joy1
MadyanName of a holy place in Saudi Arabia where the prophet (Pbuh) used to visit22
MagadhSon of Yadu7

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