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Explore a fascinating collection of Hindu baby boy names that start with the letter “F” on scoophit.com. From classic names like “Finn” and “Faran” to unique and meaningful options, this curated list offers a variety of choices to inspire you in selecting the perfect name for your precious son.

List of Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting with F

FalgunArjun; Born In The Snowy Season On A Day Belonging To Both Uttara- And Purva-Phalguni7
FaneeshLord Shiva, The Cosmic Serpent Shesh4
FanibhusanLord Shiva, The One Who Wears A Serpent As An Ornament5
FanibhushanLord Shiva, The One Who Wears A Serpent As An Ornament4
FanindraThe Cosmic Serpent Shesh4
FanishLord Shiva, The Cosmic Serpent Shesh3
FanishwarLord Of Serpents; Vasuki9
FravashGuardian Angel3

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